Upper Wharfedale Arts & Literature Society

Upper Wharfedale is a large rural area with little access to the Arts & Literature facilities enjoyed by urban communities. The Upper Wharfedale Arts and Literature Society, UWALS, aims to improve access to art and literature within the Upper Wharfedale area by the provision and support of lectures, performances, talks, workshops and other associated activities.

Oral History
The UWALS Oral History Group was created as part of the Presenting the Past¬†project, an ambitious project designed to draw in members of the community via a number of different channels. Generously supported by a grant from the Heritage Fund, the group was trained by the Oral History Society which allowed them to use their newly acquired skills and “best practice” when recording oral histories.

The aim of the Oral History group was to capture the memories and stories not recorded in writing and to make them available to all interested parties. This collection will preserve some of the authentic voices of Upper Wharfedale and stories which would otherwise be lost. It will also help to capture the dialect and accent of the area.

The oral history records can be found here: https://www.uwals.co.uk/presenting-the-past/oral-history/

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